The Photographer


I’ve been a top professional portrait photographer in the SGV for over 6 years.  What I have loved the most about my job is showing my clients how beautiful they truly are–on camera.

Sadly, I’ve met many self-concious moms in my career who don’t realize how beautiful they truly are.  These moms are often struggling with life balance and don’t take time out for themselves.  I wanted to empower these ladies to snap out of the funk and do something for themselves (for once).

I launched Sachiko Glam in 2018 with the hope that I could help women build up their self-esteem and give them gorgeous photos of themselves that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

I’m a mother of 4, former race car driver and multi-passionate entrepreneur with an absolute love for woman empowerment, fashion and photography.

When I’m not photographing glam sessions, I’m photographing newborns & families at Sachiko Studio or wandering the aisles of Target with my 4 daughters.


carefree. empowering. pampering.

Photo sessions should be something you look forward to…not dread.  If you feel otherwise, then you haven’t had a photo session experience with me.  I specialize in taking special care with the camera shy and self conscious.  Sessions with me are like having coffee with a friend.  Its that easy doll.

I have an eye for finding the most flattering angles, poses, clothing and lighting for my subjects.  I can take off 10 lbs by simply correcting a pose.



My middle name (and my grandma’s name) is “Sachiko.”  In Japanese, it means happiness.


going anywhere coastal with my husband, the color magenta, everything Nissan 240SX, rose gold, italian leather, designer handbags, vintage gowns, gummy bears, lace, chiffon, a double tall extra hot zebra mocha with soy no whip in the winter, a trenta iced green tea unsweetened with extra ice in the spring+summer, being hapa, pizza!, adidas primeknit, adidas boost, r&b, chill on sirius xm, date night, hot wheels.